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Saint Joseph Property Management (SJPM) offers assistance in finding a winning tenant for your rental property in the shortest time possible.


SJPM leasing services are complimentary unless we find the ideal tenant that you require, a tenant that meets your complete criteria.

We complete the search, background checks, verification of income/employment, check with the previous landlord(s) and other non-family references to make sure we have the right prospect based on your specifications.

Free advertising

We immediately and aggressively market your property, again at no cost to the property owner, in an effort to find the perfect fit for a minimum 12-month lease.

Free screening and touring

We will arrange all showings without having the owner present (or in attendance if preferred) and introduce the details of the rental to screened renting prospects. If we precipitate a leasing offer, we will execute and complete the necessary due diligence which includes income verification, credit check, reference checks, and previous landlord report. If approved, we will prepare legal lease documents with the prospect and collect the first and last month’s rent in advance.

At this time, we will contact you to arrange a meeting to review the application and background documents for this prospect. If you accept the prospect (you are NOT obligated to accept our prospect at any time) and the minimum 12-month lease, we ask for a referral fee for our efforts in assisting you. The industry standard is a referral fee equal to one month’s rent plus HST.

No risk guarantee

If you secure a new tenant before we do, you would NOT pay any fee to SJPM. We simply move the prospects to another rental unit. So there is NO risk, NO upfront investment!

The team of SJPM rental specialists look forward to utilizing our pool of prospects who are currently looking for the perfect rental in providing our unique, no risk service in assisting you in searching and securing a new winning tenant.

Finders reward

Please let us know if SJPM can be your professional search firm to support your own efforts in finding a new tenant for you in the shortest time possible. Contact Us Today!

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Attributes of a winning tenant

“My brother and I have both been very happy with St Joseph's Property Management for finding good tenants to occupy our properties. We've been impressed with their personal, professional, speedy service. For me, they found me good tenants within a single day of coming to them. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for tenants!”

- Lyndon G.

“We worked with Duncan on a lease and he was great. He worked really hard to accommodate our needs.”

- Allison McLure

“We recently dealt with Aaron about a property in Russell and he was awesome. Very professional and listens to your needs. Great job Aaron. I would recommend this service to anybody.”

- Danny Wolfe

“We were particularly impressed by their personable approach with us in renting our property and their ability to get the property rented in 3 weeks! They are friendly, professional and most importantly, they care about the tenant and the landlord. They found us excellent tenants, who not only want to rent a home, but want to buy our home. A shout-out to Gershon for his great work and the entire St Joseph team! They should be managing your property!”

- Nancy Semianiw

“It was so easy to find our apartment. Saint Joseph had lots of great properties. Their sales representative knew the area and the properties well. He helped make our decision easy.”

- Julie & Philip

“Thanks for your efforts in finding me a winning tenant. I had a previous bad tenant and it ended up costing me $3,000 in repairs. I learned it's better to wait for a good tenant than take anyone simply because I had a mortgage payment.”

- Jocelyn (Hintonburg)

“Finding the right rental property for our family was difficult. Saint Joseph had a vast inventory which enabled us to find the perfect family home.”

- Thompson Family

“I was unsure initially that your fee would be worth it but after losing rent revenue for months, I needed a tenant ASAP. You had showings booked right away. In the end, it worked out well for everyone. Thank you.”

- Cornelius (Glebe)

“With my property being vacant for 3.5 months, I didn't know what to do. After your assessment, we were able to lease it in less than a month with your marketing. Great job!”

- Marc-Andre (Orleans)

“Working with Saint Joseph Property Management makes managing multiple properties easy. I can log in and review work orders, approve repairs and see exactly where I stand.”

- James

“I feel at peace knowing that my real estate is being managed by the team at Saint Joseph Property Management.”

- Landlord

“I’d like to express my appreciation for your great work! I can tell you whenever the occasion arises (in two months or down the road), it’s you that I’ll contact. I’ll also recommend you personally for anybody I know who could use your services. Your professionalism is admirable!”

- Patricia (Beechwood)

“We are so happy to not receive any calls for repairs and not be collecting our rents.”

- Brian

“I have been impressed with Saint-Joseph. They are very responsive, very responsible, and are great at solving problems.”

- Rae (Westboro)

“The experience was interesting since this would be our first time renting a property... we really did appreciate the hard work, understanding and professional service we received from you.”

- Marc (Embrun)

“My husband and I will recommend your search services to our investment group. And we are considering the property management for our 13 apartment rentals. Thanks again,”

- Lucy-Lynn (Centretown)

“I was impressed at which the speed of your agents acted in getting showings for my unit. The backgrounds check and credit check was detailed and helped me decide to accept the tenant. I will surely call you for your services in the future.”

- Mahar (Barrhaven)

“Once I hired Saint Joseph Property Management our buildings had less vacancies.”

- Landlord